Painting and coating can make a product look amazing, but its also incredibly dangerous stuff to work with. Our painting helmets will offer comfortable head protection with its fully adjustable, padded head suspension that ensures the respirator will turn with your head. The large viewing window enables you to operate with widened perspective featuring execptional downward and peripheral vision. 

Assigned protection factor1000
Top rated feature Adjustable head protection. Hood moves with your head
Ideal forAbrasive Blasting
Respiratory typeLoose-fitting/painting
Hearing Protection

Clip-In earmuffs

Assigned Protection Factor1000
Top Rated FeatureAdjustable sizing to ensure a customizable secure fit
Ideal forPainting
Respiratory typeLoose-fitting/painting
Hearing ProtectionNo
Assigned Protection Factor 1000
Top rated feature Lightweight and economical
Ideal for Painting for lightweight protection and intermittent use
Respiratory typeLoose-fitting/Painting
Hearing protectionNo