Blastech offers a full range of fittings and spares to suit all our equipment. Made from the highest quality materials available and precision engineered to the highest manufacturing standards.

Nozzle Washers are used in-between the hose and nozzle to absorb the abrasive impact.

Pop up valve and shaft, seat, window assembly 

gasket, FSV gasket 

Brass Quick couplings (3/8”),

Tail & Nut and Nipples ( ¼” & 3/8”)

  • Multi purpose inline valve.
  • Female threaded ports

Heavy duty connection fittings like elbows, sockets, plugs, tees, bushes, nipples, etc. are available in various sizes from ½” to 2”.

Mini ball valves are a lot more than just mini, their applications and design are of maximum value.

Female thread on both ends with brass body and stainless steel internal seat prevent back-flow of air with abrasive and dust.

Ideal for high capacity continuous service. Relieving type regulators are available in sizes from ¼” to 1”, all sizes have two ¼” gauge ports.

Air relief safety valves have all brass body construction with stainless steel ball, forming metal to metal valve seal assuring reliable performance and long life. ¼” NPT male connection. Maximum temperature 300° F. ASME approved.

This industrial pressure gauge is designed for fluid medium which does not clog connection or corrode copper alloy and gas processes compatible with cupreous metals of the sensing element and connection. Field include: Pneumatics, hydraulics, Compressors.