We Believe this is the best respiratory you can get. Designed to advance your safety and increase productivity, this is RPE you will want to wear each day

Assigned protection factor1000
Top rated feature Lightweight and economical 
Ideal forAbrasive Blasting
Head ProtectionBump Cap
Hearing ProtectionNo
Assigned Protection Factor1000
Top Rated FeatureComfortable and Durable
Ideal forAbrasive Blasting
Head ProtectionIntegrated Hard Hat
Hearing ProtectionNo
Assigned Protection Factor 1000
Top rated feature Wide field of vision and premium comfort
Ideal for Abrasive Blasting
Head protectionIntegrated Hard Hat
Hearing protectionYes

The blast industry’s most popular and comfortable respirator, the Apollo 60 features double-shell construction, sound-deadening foam, and large window. The Apollo 60 is NIOSH-approved, and protects against lead dust at concentrations 1000 times greater than the permissible exposure limit.

When you overuse the helmets, don’t store it correctly, drop it multiple times, it can create scratches and cracks which can hinder your visibility and compromise your safety inside and outside your helmet. We supply Replacement Lenses for all abrasive and air fed helmets to ensure you never neglect your protection on your site