This equipment is a heat exchanger to cool the compressed air discharged from an air compressor with atmospheric air. The compressed air is cooled to approximately 9oC, above ambient temperature. This substantially reduces the water and level of other contaminants in the air supply, as water will be reduced by 1/2 for every 20 degree reduction in temperature. This moisture is then removed from the system with a separator and drain assembly. A sufficient capacity after cooler can take upto 80% of the moisture present in the compressed air.

Air Compressor
Horsepower (hp)
Internal Airflow
Maximum CFM
Recommended BL
Series Model No.
25 – 50 HP245BL 200
25 – 75 HP539BL 450
100 – 125 HP785BL 600
150 – 200 HP1569BL 1000
225 – 350 HP2300BL 1600
Maximum Working Pressure 250 psi
Cooler Aluminum
Shroud Powder Painted Steel
Fan Guard Zinc Plated Steel
Fan Blade Polypropylene Blades

A cooler/Separator is required to reduce the temperatures and discharge the condensed moisture. By using this Blast pack System increases production and reduces downtime and maintenance cost. Moisture in the compressed air system contaminates both controls and abrasive causing the abrasive to bridge and not flow properly. This system effectively provide cooler, cleaner and dry air to your blast pots with negligible drop in pressure. Two system types are available to meet your specific requirements after coolers and air dryers.