It encompasses the optimal combination of desired traits such as angular shape and hardness, which allows the glass grit abrasive to swiftly cuts away at any existing coatings. 

Our Glass Grit is tough, clean and most importantly economical with less than 1% free silica. Not only is it safe to us but also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • 100% Recycled Glass
  • Inert Material
  • Less than 1% Free Silica 
  • No Heavy Metals
  • White Metal Finish a perfect substitute for Garnet
  • Made in Saudi Arabia
  • Low Dusting
Glass Grit Extra Fine
GritExtra Fine
Size<0.3 mm
ApplicationUse to clean surfaces to create a smooth finish. Alternate for sodium bicarbonate blasting. good for stainless steel
Glass Grit Fine
Size0.3 – 0.425 mm
ApplicationUse on new steel, for industrial applications, steel bridges, tanks, steel construction & fabrication etc.
Glass Grit Medium
Size0.425 – 0.7 mm
ApplicationUse for general blast cleaning on structural steel work, pipes, tanks for achieving a moderate profile.