We supplies long lsting heavy duty super blast hose that is exceptionally tough and abrasion resistant, for use in grit, garnet and sand blasting services; it is manufactured with anti-static rubber granting a complete discharge of static electricity. This anti-static hose has an addictive in the polymer that allows them to conduct the static and does not require a grounding wire.

ID13mm – 51mm
OD 27mm – 71mm
Working Pressure 175 psi 
Bursting Pressure 530 psi 
Weight (Nominal) 0.49 Kg/m – 2.11 Kg/m




Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (+158°F)

Tube: Black, smooth with excellent resistance to abrasion; it is anti-static

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord

Cover: black, smooth (wrapped finish) highly abrasion resistant synthetic rubber; it is anti-static.

Coils: 20 & 40 meter continuous length.

ID6mm – 51mm
OD 13mm – 70mm
Working Pressure 175 psi – 360 psi
Bursting Pressure 900 psi – 1080 psi 
Weight (Nominal) 0.16 Kg/m – 2.50 Kg/m




Temperature Range: -35°C to +70°C.

Tube: Black, smooth synthetic rubber, oil mist resistant.

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord

Cover: black, smooth (wrapped finish) long lasting synthetic rubber, weather and abrasion resistant.

Coils: 60 & 120 meter continuous length.