High-quality, high-volume, high-pressure. Pneumatic airless paint sprayers are the most powerful machines for protective coating. The system provides the applicator output values, pressure ratios and pumping capacities never seen before.  These are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and easily handle the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control applications. 

Compatible Material  Protective coating 
Control type  Fixed Ratio 
Fluid outlet size 1/2
Fluid outlet thread size NPT
Maximum working Pressure (mpa) 21.7
Maximum tip size Variable
Stroke Length (in) 4.75
Package Pressure Ratio (Motor/Lower)
 XL3400 motor/220cc Lower
Maximum Pressure (PSI) 3150
Technical Data APP301 (ex-DP30-1)
Fluid Pressure Ratio 30:01:00
Delivery Liter/Min 3.7
CC Per Cycle 61
Maximum Pressure (PSI;BAR) 3045(210)
Air Motor Diameter (Inch;mm) 4.25(108)
Stroke Length (mm) 102
Air Powered Range (BAR) (2-7)
Maximum Pressure (PSI;BAR) 3045(210)
Technical Data AKK681(ex-DXT68-1)
Fluid Pressure Ratio (68:1)
Delivery Liter/Min 11.4
CC Per Cycle 190
Maximum Pressure (PSI;BAR) 60
Air Motor Diameter (Inch;mm) 10(254)
Stroke Length (mm) 127
Air Powered Range (BAR) (1-7)
Maximum Pressure (PSI;BAR) 6903(476)
Technical DataACN751(ex-N751)
Fluid Pressure Ratio(75:1)
Delivery (Liter) / Min11.7
CC Per Cycle195
Max. Pump Speed / Min60
Air Motor Diameter (Inch;mm)10.6(270)
Stroke Length (mm)130mm
Air Powered Range (BAR)02-Jul
Maximum Pressure (PSI;BAR)7614(525)