Steel Shot are angular in shape, and is produced by crushing oversize steel shots and subsequently heat treated by tempering to get the required hardness and microstructure. These intrinsic characteristics of the product enormously enhance the performance of the blasting for heavy descaling, deep descaling and surface preparations. The angular shape shape and relative hardness of steel grit ensures rapid cleaning rates and excellent recyclability. 

With variations in hardness and size, steel grit can also be used for cutting granite and stones. 



GradeGS: 40-51 HRC || Best for Wheel Blast Applications
GM: 47-56 HRC || More Aggressive; Air and Wheel Blast
GL: 54-61 HRC || Balance of Speed, Cleaning, Durability; Air Blast
GH: 60+ HRC) || More Aggressive; Stone work, Removing Epoxies
IndustriesMetal Preparation, Surface Finishing, Aerospace, Foundries, Aircraft 
 Packaging Bags, Drums
 Chemistry C: 0.01 – 0.15%
Si: 0.10 – 0.25%
M:   1.2 – 1.5%
S:  >0.035%
P:  >0.035%
 Microstructure The microstructure of the abrasive consists of martensite, tempered to a degree consistent with the hardness range.
 Sieve Analysis According to standard