An air receiver tank is a type of pressure vessel that receives air from the air compressor and hold it under pressure for future use. And we supply 3 kinds to give you the best Clean, Dry & Oil free Air.

Portable 1600 CFM capacity with stainless steel coalescent filter removes water from the compressed air supply for multiple blast machines and other pneumatic tools requiring a dry high volume air supply. Supplied with 2” one inlet, four outlet, manual drain valve, safety relief valve and pressure gauge.

Air Manifolds provide multiple air outlets with ball valve controls from a larger(2″) air inlet. Includes unit ball valve control outlets, (2”) air inlet with four-jaw couplings, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and drain valve.. Other types and sizes of air manifolds are also available. These tanks eliminate pulsations in the discharge line and also act as storage capacity for intervals when demand exceeds compressor capacity.