Blast System Package

Blast System Package, Blast machine with FSV metering valve, pneumatic remote control system with deadman handle, moisture separator, screen, cover, 20 m 32 x 8 (1 ¼ ” I.D.) heavy-duty blast hose coupled with nylon nozzle holder and cast iron quick coupling, 20 m coupled twin line remote control hose, BTSDX 6/50 long venturi blast nozzle with tungsten carbide liner and aluminium jacket, air-supplied helmet with air control valve, model Astro, helmet air filter, 20 m breathing air hose 9 mm (3/8”) coupled, leather/cotton blast suit, pair leather gloves, one pack of helmet outer lens, 10 coupling gaskets, 10 nozzle washers, 2 whips check safety cables and 10 safety pins are included in the package.


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