Air Cooled Aftercoolers

Air Cooled Aftercoolers

Air cooled compressed air aftercoolers cool the compressed air with atmospheric air. The compressed air is cooled to approximately 9oC above ambient temperature. A sufficient capacity aftercooler can take up to 80% of the moisture present in the compressed air.

Sizing Notes, Recommendations are based on the following:-

Heat Removal : After cooler = Compressor horsepower x 1.15 ( motor service factor ) x .17 (this assumes 17% of input horsepower is rejected to heat).

15oF Approach Temperature: Compressor air outlet temperature – ambient air temperature.

Temperatures: Ambient Air Temperature + 15oF = Compressed Air Outlet Temperature.

Flows: Compressor Horsepower x 4.5 = SCFM Air Flow.

Airflow rates are based on less than a 4 PSI pressure drop @ 100 PSI operating & 100oF ambient and 50% relative humidity.


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